Characteristics and Capacity of the Non-Profit Social Sector (Fall 2016)

The non-profit social sector in the Columbia Basin-Boundary plays a significant role in the socioeconomic well-being of residents, communities, and the region as a whole. Sustaining non-profits, however, has become increasingly challenging. The Exploring Characteristics and Capacity of the Non-Profit Social Sector in the Columbia Basin-Boundary Region research project was designed to explore organizational capacity within the region’s non-profit social sector. This research is a critical first step towards enabling evidence-based decision-making by our regions’ colleges, funders, and non-profits in efforts related to strengthening this important sector. Results provide benchmark data against which to compare and develop a baseline for monitoring into the future. This Research Brief provides an overview of results from an online survey of social non-profits conducted in spring/summer 2015. Please see the full report for more detail or view the webinar recording, as well as RDI’s Knowledge Brief and Research Briefs on follow up interviews and focus groups related to social innovation, success stories, and ideas for the future of the social sector.

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