Examining the Role of Place-Based Collective Endowments in the Canadian Periphery

This poster, featuring the research of Ryan Gibson, Bojan Furst, Neil Stoop, Kelly Vodden, and Sean Markey, was featured at the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference (September 2017) in Nelson, BC.

This research will examine the following three research questions:

1. How are place-based collective endowments being used to re-embed financial capital in the Canadian periphery?

2. How can public policy facilitate the use of place-based collective endowments in the periphery to enhance regional sustainability?

3. How does the use of philanthropy in the periphery modify our understanding of economic and local development processes?

Next Steps

•  Establish an advisory committee for the research initiatives with leaders from the philanthropic community, government policy makers, and academics.

•  Select 4-6 place-based collective endowments as case studies.

•  Conduct analysis on Canada Revenue Agency’s Charitable Directorate information on peripheral charities.

•  Host an intergenerational wealth transfer workshop with key stakeholders

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