Innovation in Action: Stories of Social Sector Success

The non-profit social sector in the Columbia Basin-Boundary plays a significant role in the socio-economic well-being of residents, communities, and the region as a whole. Sustaining non-profits, however, has become increasingly challenging, and is demanding new ways of thinking and working. The Exploring Characteristics and Capacity of the Non-Profit Social Sector in the Columbia Basin-Boundary Region research project was designed to explore organizational capacity, collaboration, and innovation within the region’s non-profit social sector. This research is a critical first step towards enabling evidence-based decision-making by our regions’ colleges, funders, and non-profits in efforts related to strengthening this important sector. The RDI conducted research on social non-profits across our region including a survey of 88 organizations which highlights the characteristics, capacity, and challenges these groups face. Follow up key informant interviews were conducted to explore social innovation, and a series of focus groups solicited ideas to strengthen the social sector and improve social well-being in our communities and region. This Research Brief provides a summary of the results from the interviews conducted. Visit the non-profit social sector research page for other research results and information related to this project.

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