A New Relationship? An analysis of jurisdiction through non-treaty agreements in British Columbia

This poster, created by Jonathan Boron, was featured at the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference (September 2017) in Nelson, BC.

The goal of this study is to conduct a qualitative document analysis on current Reconciliation Agreements, and Reconciliation Framework Agreements, to determine their ability to meet the following three interests of First Nations governments: 1) To cooperatively manage the natural and cultural resources within an asserted territory with the Province in an environmentally and culturally appropriate manner 2) To benefit from the resources within asserted territory 3) To obtain legal rights to key cultural significant areas of the territory for social and/or economic benefit A policy brief, funded by a grant from the Rural Policy Learning Commons, will be used to further disseminate information from this study to better inform First Nations governments and Tribal Councils on the content, purpose and possibilities offered through these resource and environmental management institutions.

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