State of the Environment Final Research Brief

Rural regions struggle with a relative deficiency of reliable research on which to base planning decisions. Compounding problems around insufficient data collection resources are challenges assembling research from various distinct sources, and making that research available to a geographically disperse audience. The RDI sought to improve the quality and accessibility of environmental research in the region and build the capacity of stakeholders to make use of this research.

Research was shared in many forms, with the intent of satisfying the needs of a broad audience. Residents will gain a greater appreciation for the state of well-being in their community through the brief and graphic, local government representatives will appreciate the in-depth discussion of indicators provided through the Long Report, and planners will appreciate the detailed data and maps made available through the <a title="Digital Basin Portal" href="">Digital Basin</a>. As one of the most comprehensive and interactive web-mapping applications ever attempted in Western Canada, the Digital Basin represents a significant improvement to the regional research setting.  <a href="">Read more</a>.

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