Windermere Lake Foreshore Inventory and Mapping (June 2007)

The study area for this project is Windermere Lake, located in the southern interior of British Columbia. In August 2006, members of the East Kootenay Integrated Lake Management Partnership ([EKILMP] including staff from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Ministry of Environment and Wildsight) conducted a detailed inventory of the foreshore of Windermere Lake. The objective of the inventory was to provide an overview of the lake foreshore habitat condition. Information was collected on foreshore morphology, land use, riparian condition and anthropogenic alterations. The survey used Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and detailed digital shoreline video to capture foreshore characteristics. In October 2006, Wildsight obtained additional information, through a detailed field survey of retaining walls around the lake. Interior Reforestation Co. Ltd. was provided with the data from these two surveys and was commissioned to report and map the findings.

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